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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is GeniSys Home Automation System?
Introducing GeniSys Home Automation System, GeniSys focuses on User experience and easy implementation throughout your Home. With our Wide range of Products ranging from Lighting control, Home Entertainment to Elderly care and security Modules. GeniSys will automate your Home Experience allowing your more time to spent with your loves ones.
2Compatibility Wise, are we able to use our current lighting, fans, TV and Aircon or do we have to buy appliances with smart features?
GeniSys Home Automation System integrates your existing electrical appliances without hassle of changing your Lighting, Fans and other electrical appliances!
3Will it work with my phone or tablet?
Using HomeMate App as our Platform it is compatible with both Android and iOS phones and Tablet.
4What is the material of the glass facepanel?
It is made of high quality tempered glass that is water resistance and does not become yellow with age.
5What is the warranty of the system?
We offer a 1 year warranty with 1 to 1 exchange. Extended Warranty can be purchased.
6Is there any extensive rewiring or hacking works required for Genisys Home Automation System
In GenieTech, we believe in simplicity of installation, thus no requiring and hacking is need

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